TECNOglas HG is distributed
by Häfele Australia Pty Ltd.

Phone: 1300 659 728

High gloss surfaces for cabinetry and furniture

Tecnoglas HG is a premium high gloss acrylic surface developed for use in cabinetry and furniture. It delivers a quality finish and virtually seamless edges which can’t be matched by any other material. A popular product throughout Europe for many years, it’s now finally available in Australia.

TECNOglas HG consists of 0.6mm high gloss acrylic with scuff resisnt coating which is PUR laminated to both sides of E0 (eco-friendly) Moisture Resistant MDF supporting material. The same coating is used for edging to avoid colour variations and is applied with latest TZ-PUR edging technology to achieve a virtually seamless edge. Stock is available at attractive prices and with minimal delivery times. Features include:

High UV stability
Scuff resistance
Increased chemical resistance
E0 MR MDF supporting material
Pre 45 integrated ergonomic shark nose handle